Mix culture of wedding is very common in Malaysia, same goes to the groom, Mee Loon and Kim Oanh the bride who came from vietnam.

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Teck Ming & Mei Han (Cinematic Wedding Highlight)

A good life is when we assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed we are for what we have. This is what every couples’ parents wish for their own children when they are married. Teck Ming and Mei Han were blessed with wonderful moments and happiness with their loves one during their wedding day; full experience of humours, happiness, funnies, love and sentimental that I ever had. 

I’m interested the story of them, and learnt that Mei Han is an independent bride who had gone through difficult moments when she was small, and the parents of bride felt glad that she had been good life through out the years and delight for their daughter’s wedding day had come. She is also helpful and self-starter bride; as I was abit headache to found her clumsy everywhere to assist on ceremony preparation with her parents and her brother, to assure everything was in order. On the other hand, Teck Ming had a great loyalty to his friends. He kept up relationships among the friends and depending on friends for good advice or practical help in a difficulty. They known each other since they were in secondary school. Ironically, they were located in same kindergarten since childhood. It’s blessed and good faith for them for another round of meeting, loving each others, and continue their own journey.
It’s blissful day I ever had with them. I love the peoples from both of families and friends. They’re great in humours and creating lots of laughters and happiness that you would never felt boring along the wedding day. Once again wish them had a great new journey of life for Teck Ming and Mei Han, blessed with good life ever after.

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Ming Hee & Seow Lee (Cinematic Wedding Highlight)

15 Dec 2013

A bright sunny shine upon the house, brings the happiness to beloved couple and their close one during the wedding ceremony. As a storyteller, it’s a great opportunity to explore their personalities, know their story, which is quite fun along the process.

I realised Ming Hee is originally from Limbang, a town located at east Malaysia. He is funny & friendly guy, as all the relatives and friends are entertained with laughters along the wedding day. He was knowing his cheerful and quiet bride, Seow Lee for 7 years, and now it’s reasonable time for him to get married, proceed their next chapter of life together. I tried to dig some ideals how they met each others, how the groom proposed to bride, and anything common between them. Some people said the relationship is much closer as the couple enjoy teasing each other. Same goes to them as Ming Hee participates into part of Seow Lee’s life; sharing the funniest moments between each others. If I recall it right, the funniest answer of how they get proposed is that the groom told me he forgot how he proposed to the bride, and in the other end, the bride told me he wouldn’t do such a romantic proposal, and the part of the their story is seem to be mysterious for me.

The best part happened along the event, I love groom’s wacky reaction, enjoy the Mee Hoon’s local speciality from Limbang, the bride’s smile whenever I came across of her. Also I love the ark on clip at 2:50, the groom proposed to her with deep of his heart, even through it’s scripted.

Congratulation to Ming Hee and Seow Lee for their wedding, and I wish them all the best for next chapter of life 🙂

Sky & Joyce (Cinematic Wedding Highlight)

1 Dec 2013

Our blissful crews are pleasure to be apart in wedding event from lovely couples, Sky and Joyce. We glad everything did well and showing our best effort along the day.

Congratulation to them once again, we wish them all the best for next chapter of life

Bryan & Rainie (Cinematic Wedding Same Day Edit)

December 27, 2013

We would like to thank the couple Bryan and Rainie, giving us opportunity to have experience with video production during their wedding day. As a result, we glad it has done successfully even though lot of flaws from us which can be improved. We hope to get more feedbacks from you as it’s our first cinematography production from us early of this year.

Maternity Moments from Hoey & Sharon

9 August 2013

After long held of capturing blissful moments from the wedding events, we have a great opportunity from a couple for photography on maternity session. Thank to Hoey and Sharon for giving us opportunity for capturing their maternity shots.

Initially I have no ideal what is the plan of the shoot, and expection from them. When I found out they have prepared their gorgeous hello kitty collections, their same outfit with monkeys, and other goodies as well, I realise they love collecting gorgeous hello kitty collections and not to forget they’re wearing the funny monkeys shirts as well. It brings me ideal of being fun acting, and something blissful and full of blissful laugh.

I would prefer not to separate out the father from the shoot, as maternity suppose to be both father-love and mother-love together. With Hoey’s funny appearance, that react Sharon’s expression, and belly that makes the shooting even more blissful.

Check out their moments shoot from us:

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