Teck Ming & Mei Han (Cinematic Wedding Highlight)

A good life is when we assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed we are for what we have. This is what every couples’ parents wish for their own children when they are married. Teck Ming and Mei Han were blessed with wonderful moments and happiness with their loves one during their wedding day; full experience of humours, happiness, funnies, love and sentimental that I ever had. 

I’m interested the story of them, and learnt that Mei Han is an independent bride who had gone through difficult moments when she was small, and the parents of bride felt glad that she had been good life through out the years and delight for their daughter’s wedding day had come. She is also helpful and self-starter bride; as I was abit headache to found her clumsy everywhere to assist on ceremony preparation with her parents and her brother, to assure everything was in order. On the other hand, Teck Ming had a great loyalty to his friends. He kept up relationships among the friends and depending on friends for good advice or practical help in a difficulty. They known each other since they were in secondary school. Ironically, they were located in same kindergarten since childhood. It’s blessed and good faith for them for another round of meeting, loving each others, and continue their own journey.
It’s blissful day I ever had with them. I love the peoples from both of families and friends. They’re great in humours and creating lots of laughters and happiness that you would never felt boring along the wedding day. Once again wish them had a great new journey of life for Teck Ming and Mei Han, blessed with good life ever after.

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