Maternity Moments from Hoey & Sharon

9 August 2013

After long held of capturing blissful moments from the wedding events, we have a great opportunity from a couple for photography on maternity session. Thank to Hoey and Sharon for giving us opportunity for capturing their maternity shots.

Initially I have no ideal what is the plan of the shoot, and expection from them. When I found out they have prepared their gorgeous hello kitty collections, their same outfit with monkeys, and other goodies as well, I realise they love collecting gorgeous hello kitty collections and not to forget they’re wearing the funny monkeys shirts as well. It brings me ideal of being fun acting, and something blissful and full of blissful laugh.

I would prefer not to separate out the father from the shoot, as maternity suppose to be both father-love and mother-love together. With Hoey’s funny appearance, that react Sharon’s expression, and belly that makes the shooting even more blissful.

Check out their moments shoot from us:

[portfolio id=”489″]

From the Signature Bliss team

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