Happy 1st Year Anniversary

Hi everyone,

Today is Aug 26, 2013. Happy 1st year anniversary to Signature Bliss Photography.

Thank you to the team who has taking great effort to make the jobs done well. Wedding shooting assignment is just like battlefield for us, and we know that we shouldn’t miss out our responsibility to capture the blissful memories for the couples and their families.

Beside that, we would like to thank to all the couples, and clients who have been trusting our services along the year, and invite us to handle the assignment for their wedding day. We have came across different experience of stories from the couples during the blissful day with the joy or perhaps the tear of happiness, esp. the parents have given the precious love to their daughter, we can feel the joy from the couples, and we know every single moment from the couples and their families. We appreciate what we have seen and enjoyed all of them, all the time, to capture the moments of their wedding day.

Not forget to thank to all fans who giving the support and feedback to us about our products. Your replies are precious to us for our improvements and help us grow.

A year is over and we’re having a lot fun with the couples and the families. We’re working hard to customise the packages, bring up some interesting ideals from advices and unpleasant experiences we have gone through. We will inform great things very soon, and also our cinematography (videography) is available for booking now.

Have a blissful day.

The Signature Bliss Photography Team

Maternity Moments from Hoey & Sharon

9 August 2013

After long held of capturing blissful moments from the wedding events, we have a great opportunity from a couple for photography on maternity session. Thank to Hoey and Sharon for giving us opportunity for capturing their maternity shots.

Initially I have no ideal what is the plan of the shoot, and expection from them. When I found out they have prepared their gorgeous hello kitty collections, their same outfit with monkeys, and other goodies as well, I realise they love collecting gorgeous hello kitty collections and not to forget they’re wearing the funny monkeys shirts as well. It brings me ideal of being fun acting, and something blissful and full of blissful laugh.

I would prefer not to separate out the father from the shoot, as maternity suppose to be both father-love and mother-love together. With Hoey’s funny appearance, that react Sharon’s expression, and belly that makes the shooting even more blissful.

Check out their moments shoot from us:

[portfolio id=”489″]

From the Signature Bliss team